KerimFoundation aims to serve all segments of society with its activities in the fields of education, health and culture. The aim of our foundation is to pioneer a conscious society. Especially in education, health and culture, Kerim Foundation is taking steps towards becoming a proactive and locomotive NGO with projects that will serve as a model for the private sector.

From this center, Kerim Foundation aims to open institutions in every field of education to meet the needs of the whole society and all different segments, to support students with scholarships and to be the light of hope for future generations. At the same time, by organizing national and international symposiums, it works to reunite the cultural codes and values of our society with all humanity.

Kerim Foundation combats some of the elements that negatively affect society by glorifying moral values. With academic studies, it aims to bring our people together with our spiritual values and culture that glorify our people sociologically and psychologically.