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Kerim Foundation developed the Program for Supporting the Education of Disaster Victim Students in response to the February 6 Kahramanmaraş earthquake, which affected 11 provinces.

Given the severity of the disaster, the area and the population affected, the restoration of normal living conditions in the region requires long-term and collaborative efforts. Kerim Education, Culture and Health Foundation, like other institutions in the field, has started to work for the resumption of the interrupted education in the region, for the families who do not have the opportunity to stay in the region due to extraordinary conditions, to continue their education in the places where they move temporarily / permanently, to regain equal educational opportunities and to welcome the future with confidence again. Within the scope of this program, Kerim Foundation has determined the focus of its activities to be implemented with its own resources, donations from you and cooperation with relevant institutions and organizations:

  1. Provision and provision of education opportunities in new schools for earthquake-affected students, especially children who lost their mothers and/or fathers in the disaster (8 years of secondary education),
  2. Meeting the physical needs and providing humanitarian assistance for the sustainability of education of earthquake-affected students in the region where they are located or in the schools to which they are transferred,
  3. To provide psychologically and morally supportive educational content, training and studies that will contribute to the students and teachers, especially students and teachers, to meet the future with confidence again after the disaster
  4. Construction and repair of completely destroyed or damaged schools in the disaster area.

Activities carried out by Kerim Foundation within the scope of the Program for Supporting the Education of Disaster Victim Students:

  1. Kerim Foundation provided cash support to the Parent-Teacher Association for 200 earthquake-affected students who were transferred to Ankara Hasan Âli Yücel Social Sciences High School as a pilot application for the sustainability of education and meeting physical needs with the opening of schools after the disaster. The Foundation continues to provide humanitarian aid to earthquake victims and the earthquake zone.
  2. The second part of the program focused on 8 years of secondary education for children who lost their parents and/or grandparents in the disaster to ensure long-term and lasting impacts. A target of 40 million TL was set in the first phase of the program. In order to realize this financial goal and the related program, Nef Foundation is/will be cooperating with institutions and organizations such as DARÜŞŞAFAKA, TED, SEV.

According to the agreements signed with DARÜŞŞAFAKA Society on April 1, 2023 and SEV Health and Education Foundation on July 12, 2023 within the scope of the Program to Support the Education Life of Disaster-affected Students initiated by Kerim Foundation, Kerim Foundation will make a cash donation for a period of 8 years equal to the education and training expenses of 5 students each year in order to contribute to the needs for the increase in capacity that will arise due to the over-quota students admitted / to be admitted to the Institutions from 11 provinces of our country affected by the earthquake disaster in the 2023-2024 period.

Developments regarding our activities will continue to be regularly shared with the public and relevant institutions.

Contact phone for detailed information and support for the program: 0532 120 5098