Supporting Education for Disaster Victim Students Program

Kerim Foundation According to the agreements signed with DARÜŞŞAFAKA Society on April 1, 2023 and SEV Health and Education Foundation on July 12, 2023 within the scope of the Program to Support the Education Life of Disaster-affected Students, in order to contribute to the needs for the increase in capacity that will arise due to the over-quota students from 11 provinces of our country affected by the earthquake disaster in the 2023-2024 period, a total of 10 students will make a donation.

It will make a cash donation to Darüşşafakafor 8 years, equal to the educational expenses of 5 studentseach year.

The Foundation will also make a cash donation to SEV Foundationfor 5 years, equal to the educational expenses of 5 studentseach year.

KerimFoundation develops projects in the fields of education, culture and health in line with the purpose of its establishment and continues to work with an understanding that sees public service as service to the right. In addition to the Foundation’s own resources, these activities are realized through project-based sponsorships and donations.

Kerim Foundation produces permanent projects that will cost the society for the protection and survival of our historical and spiritual values that are the source of our culture and for the promotion of social morality. In order to transfer our cultural heritage to future generations, the Foundation, which continues to work in a wide range of fields from initiatives in the field of education to restoration activities, from international meetings to studies on health, has aimed to appeal to all segments of society and has put forward activities that support each other in terms of their results. One of the most important features of the Foundation is not only to preserve the values and classical tastes of the past, but also to strive for their comprehension in today’s language and understanding. The Foundation develops unique educational models and projects that are relevant to all segments of society, include every professional group and appeal to all ages. Considering the human being as the most important value and resource, Kerim Foundation has focused its educational activities on Sufism, which is the spirit of the Islamic tradition of more than a thousand years, and has been developing large-scale projects including the development of cooperation with other institutions and organizations, especially higher education institutions, in order to increase research in this field and to unearth untouched manuscripts, and to support researchers, scientists and students who will work in this field. The Foundation also allocates significant resources to the reprinting of Sufi classics that will enable the existing knowledge to reach the public directly, to the publication of new copyrighted works, and to the translation and publication of current studies in this field in the world.

As the most institutionalized structure in our history of philanthropy, Foundations derive their service power from the society into which they were born. Kerim Foundation seeks support from individuals and organizations in order to continue and expand its work and to implement new projects as soon as possible.